Middleton Good Neighbor Festival

This was the scene this weekend at the Middleton Good Neighbor Festival:

My parents and I were going to have lunch there and then buy some arts and crafts at the aptly named Arts and Crafts Fair, but it was raining so we had a brunch at Craftsman Table and Tap instead. I am unable to impartially review that restaurant, but will just say that the cute bartender makes really good bloody marys, and leave it at that.

We could have had something to eat at the festival, though, if we hadn’t been afraid to stand out in the rain.

Well, it is Wisconsin.

We saw the following offer far away from the food and beer tents, in the Arts and Crafts section. As your dedicated Middleton food and drink blogger, I had to try a sample against my better judgment:

Tastes like liquified Pixy Stix.

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