Recommendation Thursday – Podcast

So, I’ve always wanted to recommend things to people. Thus, each Thursday, I’ll have a recommendation that might have something to do with food, drink, or cats, or might be completely unrelated. This week is the latter.

I have a hard time falling asleep. I always have. Part of it might be the extremely vivid dreams. Like, the other night I dreamt I was washing my hands in a sink (with running water!) in Honduras, and I noticed a collection of small red spiders in the drain.

Spiders, not sliders.

I turned on the water to try to wash the spiders down the drain, but it turns out they loved water and that’s what was attracting them. They climbed up the running water and swelled into these:

Without the human fist.

That’s when I knew they were crones*. Dream logic and all. The whole sink was full of them, so I chose the best strategy for dealing with most problems, which was to back out of the room, turn out the light, and close the door behind me.

*Yeah, I don’t know.

The whole point of this is not that I recommend having weird spider dreams, but that I often listen to podcast on my iPod machine to help me fall asleep. One of my favorite podcasts that I’ve recently discovered is also one I can’t listen to while dozing off because it’s just too gosh darned entertaining.

Humor, class, and a yellow circle’s thumbs up.

I’m referring, of course, 250 words into this post, to the thing I want to recommend to you: The Judge John Hodgman Podcast. You probably remember John Hodgman as the PC in the Mac vs. PC commercials, and also as a frequent contributor to The Daily Show. In this podcast, friends, neighbors, and family members can bring cases against each other. They argue their cases in front of the judge, and he listens, asks questions, and eventually makes a ruling. Some of the best cases are about the nerdiest things. For example, a recent episode focused on a bet two friends had made, betting that one friend couldn’t trick the other into saying his name backwards. He managed to get him to say his middle name backwards, and Judge John Hodgman had to make a ruling about whether or not that fulfilled the terms of the bet.

Other cases have involved proper canning technique (with guest judge Alton Brown, no less), how many people are infected with “garbage hands” when emptying the trash, how often you really have to give your little brother a ride to school, and whether a missed call on a cell phone’s call log is equivalent to leaving a voicemail. Judge John Hodgman has judged cases from the United States, Canada, and Portland, Oregon (which he cites as its own country unto itself). Funny, clever, and educational, it’s a podcast you just can’t fall asleep to.

This week’s recommendation: The Judge John Hodgman Podcast. Check it out.

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  1. Debra Ruffin said:

    Hi Joshua and Michelle. Mike just directed me to your blog this morning. And I must say it is a most entertaining read; even without living in Middleton. You both make me proud ….and it helps me to feel more connected to y’all .. Living a thousand miles away and all…Can’t wait till the next post … Love, Mama

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