One week since, one week to go

We may as well all admit that this blog is going to be about nothing but triathlons until the end of this racing season.

Which, coincidentally, is one week from tomorrow. I can’t believe how quickly the summer has gone, but I’ve decided that my third tri of the summer, the Sugar River Triathlon on 9/1, is going to be my last race of this season. I’m both relieved and sad about that. On the one hand, my body is absolutely looking forward to a break. On the other hand, I’m going to miss racing so much until next spring. I keep looking at Devil’s Lake (9/15) and I really, really want to do it, but that would be three races in six weeks, and it just doesn’t seem like a wise idea. I’m already planning out my racing schedule for next summer though. Next year, I’m definitely not going to take a huge chunk of time off between my first race (early June) and my second race (mid-August).

I was out on my bike for a long ride this afternoon. It’s hot here. Really hot, really humid. The final blast of summer before fall settles in for good. The bike path was covered with grasshoppers, and they kept jumping out of the way of my wheels and crashing into me.

Perhaps because of the heat, I was one of the only people on the path, and in the solitude and the motion, the wind and the grasshoppers in my face, and the sun beating on my back, I was so happy. The countryside by my favorite bike path is beautiful, lined with farms full of corn and cows and windmills, and I remembered again why I love what I’m doing. I was so happy, but there was definitely a feeling of melancholy as well. Even though it’s 90 degrees and insanely humid, knowing my last race of the summer is around the corner is also knowing that fall and winter will be here sooner than I think they will, and my beautiful bike will be locked away in storage.

I had intended to write this post about what I learned from my last race and the tactical changes I’m making and am planning to make before next week, but really all I want to say is that in the end, I am so lucky I found this sport and can’t wait to be out on the road again.

In closing here are some views from one of my favorite running routes. I like to bring my phone with me to track my distance, speed, hills, etc, and these are all shots I took by holding the phone up and clicking while still in motion.

You'd think that when you reach that tree you'd be at the top of the hill... You'd be wrong.

You’d think that when you reach that tree you’d be at the top of the hill… You’d be wrong.

This is where the bunnies live.

This is where the bunnies live.





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